Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Important Updates From Hospital Advisory Committee Meeting Last Night

The Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) held their eighth meeting last night. 

A new large model of the Phase 1 buildings was displayed and is pictured above.

The informational meeting covered the following topics:
  • review of progress on Phase One Construction
  • review of building exterior models and interior renderings
  • update on Livable Streets Initiative and recent SDOT workshops
  • general updates on the 40th and Sand Point Way Signalization Project
  • update on replacement housing
Here are the specifics discussed on each topic:

Update on specifics of interior and exterior of Phase 1 buildings:  presented by representative from Sellen construction and ZGF architectural firm
  • facade of the hospital will be shingled stone creating a texture.  For later phases the color can be easily matched or changed
  • "fins" (vertical colored plates of glass) will be put on the facade in strategic positions to screen the natural light going into the patient rooms as well as serving as a decorative elments. They will be  fritted or textured with transparent colored patterns and are attached to each window. The effect creates a vertical play of softer muted colors as opposed to bright primary colors often used for other pediatric hospitals.  
  • sun shades will be near the tops of the buildings to minimize heat going into the rooms
  • primary colors, predominantly used for hospitals, will be muted for Phase 1 buildings for exterior
  • patient rooms will use primary colors and have fold out sofas for space for 2 to sleep and also a rocking chair slider
  • patient rooms will be 342 square feet, about the size of a smaller hotel room
  • rooftop gardens will be a "donor opportunity"
  • facade has a vertical diagonal line created by the stone and the architect commented  that this adds "a playful character to the building" and will be in contrast to Phase 2 buildings that will be more of a block shape
  • Phase 1 to be completed in Febrary 2013

Tower Crane: presented by Todd Johnson, Hospital's Vice-President of Facilities
  • has 3 red lights and a flag
  • goes over no private property and just swings out on 40th Avenue NE
  • doesn't carry load on the street or above the hospital
  • emergency helicopter pilots briefed on location of crane
  • green stripes were placed on the nw corner of the tower crane and that signifies eventually the top of the mechanical penthouse

Livable Streets Initiative: presented by  Pablo Nunes-Ueno, Hospital's Director of Transportation
  • goal to "create projects to improve safety, health, flow of transportation and livability around hospital"
  • recent two workshops drew 300 people and 100 ideas. Hospital narrowed it down to 9 ideas, then the City narrowed it down to 6. The City will evaluate the ideas over the summer including how much each costs
  • One proposed project as required traffic mitigation, but not part of the Initiative, is the building the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), which will detect real time traffic information and display the information on electronic signs.  Drivers will be able to see how long it might take to reach 520 through Montlake or going on NE 45th Street so as to let drivers choose alternate routes.  Automated signs will also show when Montlake Cut Bridge will open to boats.
  • ITS will optimize signal coordination with all the stoplights along Sand Point Way to the Hospital to help move vehicles most efficiently through the intersections
  • the Hospital will pay up to $500,000 to build the ITS
  • "Projects came out of the community and were born of the SAC meetings and we feel proud we can deliver by 2012"

Some Livable Street Proposed Projects:

  • "Greenway" (residential street that is improved to make all feel comfortable walking biking or playing) on 39th Avenue
  • Sidewalk and intersection redesign at NE 50th Street and 40th Avenue Ne
  • ADA accessible connection at 36th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way and also Burke-Gilman Trail and 45th Avenue NE)
  • Pedestrian Crossing Signal at NE 52nd and Sand Point Way. A "Greenway" up Windermere Circle, across NE 50th and connects to Laurelhurst Playfield.
  • Crosswalks and curb bulbs at NE 45th Street from 40th Avenue Ne to 47th Avenue NE

40th Avenue NE Signalization Project: presented by Transpo Group, a traffic engineering and consulting firm
  • pedestriarn crossings across Sand Point will be shorter as they will be across a straight line instead of diagonally as they are now
  • there will be pedestrian islands for crossings on 40th Ave NE 
  • crossings will be 30 feet shorter (currently 100 feet and with new crossings will be 60 feet)
  • "We're excited to have come up with something different that fits a lot with what we have heard from the community. And we are excited about the outcome of the conceptual phase and open house workshops."
  • improved transit accessibility
  • improved crossings -  further detailed designs are in the works that may separate pedestrians and cyclists
  • Design work will be completed in 2012 then will take about a year to build, just about the same time Phase 1 of the Hospital will be completed
  • Two bus hubs to be installed on either side of Sand Point way

Children's is obligated under the MIMP to replace 136 Laurelon Condomimium unites that were demolished, having the same configuration (1-3 bedrooms) and quality and not using City funds
  • Children's looked at land near Northgate transit center, Roosevelt, Magnuson Park and the University District
  • To be located at 11th Avenue NE and Roosevelt and between NE 45th Street and NE 46th Street.
  • It is land acquired by the UW when they bought Safeco - currently it is surface parking
  • Will be 200 units total
  • New housing to be located will be benefit staff of the Hospital and UW as they will work in collaboration to provide the new housing as workforce housing "to help retain top health care professionals and also as a way to recruit"
  • Units will be first offered to hospital and UW staff and they will given 5 day window to sign up. Remaining units will be offered to the public
  • Put in covenant in agreement that will guarantee affordability
  • Several SAC members asked how this replacement housing is equitable in serving the same population as those who were at Laurelon if the units are primarily serving hospital and UW staff
  • "Housing should be comparable to Laurelon and serve the same population." one SAC member said.

For information on the Master Plan go here. 
To keep updated on the construction go here. 
For questions about the construction, call 206-987-6197 or email


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