Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Laurelhurst House Needed For One Day Photo Shoot On May 26th

We received this information from a reader:


My name is Linda Nordstrom and I am a photo producer and Laurelhurst resident. I am producing a photo shoot for a local gaming company, and we are in need of a house for the photo shoot.

The shoot is a one day, still (not video) photo shoot on May 26th.

We will pay you a location fee of $1500-$2000 for the day, depending on the property.


2 “living rooms” for shooting interactive tv gaming with a family.

The rooms can be a living room, great room, den, basement, etc. but need to have couches, chairs, etc. A TV in the room is not required. If we love the rooms, but there is not a TV in both spaces, we can prop one of the rooms.

The house must be clean, up to date, and family friendly.

CONTACT: or 206-947-7279

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