Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting Lost Cat Update and Reader Suggestion for Cat Rescue Tree Service

Rudy, the lost cat who we posted about last week, was found about 24 hours later. He was hiding underneath a tarp in the reader's next door neighbor's yard, where he ran when a thunderstorm hit.

Another reader wrote in that her cat also recently went missing and ended up being trapped in her neighbor's basement for two weeks, losing 10% of this body weight.

The readers wanted to let tothers know that it is common for cats to get trapped in homes, usually basements or garages, and that cats stray 5 houses at the most from their homes. So she suggests that neighbors ask eachother to check their homes when cats go missing. She added "Pets are a neutral way of making contact with our neighbors."

The reader also suggesed checking out the website, Cat In A Tree Rescue, started by an IS Certified Arborists, Dan Kraus, who has traveled all over the Pacific Northwest and has rescued almost 750 cats from trees, as well as other small animals.

The website lists arborists, and skillled tree climbers locally and elsewhere, who climb trees safely, and without harming the tree, to retreive cats. The reader said she has learned from experience that firemen, police and other City departments don't do this.

And another reader cautioned others that "coyotes have been seen in Laurelhurst so if cats are missing, that can be a cause."

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Anonymous said...

It's not the coyotes that kill the cats...
it's the Bald Eagles!
I kid you not
Sadly, most of the coyotes have been killed and no longer are around the forested areas of our neighborhood.