Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt A Big Success Thanks To Neighborhood Volunteers and Now Time To Volunteer For Putting On The Summer Salmon Bake

It was a big turnout for the popular neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning. Kids gathered by age group to find the many, many eggs that the Easter Bunny had hid in the park.

Many lucky kids found a paper with "prize" or "basket" written on it in their eggs and exchanged those papers for cool prizes and colorful baskets filled with toys and goodies. Kids squealed with excitement opening each and every egg and being suprised by what was in there.

The Easter Bunny walked around shaking hands with kids and was in many a picture.

Thanks to Cheryl and David, with the Seattle Parks Department, for coordinating the Egg Hunt. And to the many neighbors who dropped off candy and toys to fill the eggs with and also to the 12 or so volunteers who showed up early that morning to make the event such a great community event for the neighborhood.

Inside the Community Center was a letter from the Community Center Staff saying "We are pleased to offer the egg hunt this year and could not have one it without the community support and donations. Thank you to all who contributed and to the volunteers who stepped up."

Despite the budget cuts to the Community Center the neighborhood rallied and made it just as fun as ever.

David's next big project is gaining support to continue the annual summer Salmon Bake "with some new twists"the letteer said. And to do it, community involvement will again be needed, starting with putting together a planning group right away.

Regarding what the status of the Community Center, the letter said "The staff of Laurelhurst Community Center wants to let you know that we are still open and programming and activites are still happening. We need the community to check us out."

"There is also availabe space and time for more programs too but we need your support, input and involvement. We need community members to participate on the Laurelhurst Advisory Council."

Contact David at if you'd like to discuss how to get involved, call 615-0140 or sign up at the Community Center.

 Cheryl Brown and David Jenson, coordinators of the Egg Hunt, with Seattle Parks and Recreation

Kids gathering in groups by age

 Preschoolers ready for Egg Hunt (photo courtesy of reader, Nina)

Very young ones ready for egg hunt (photo coutesy of reader, Nina)

 Looking for eggs!

 Kids turning in prize papers found in eggs for cool prizes and baskets

 Full playground after the Egg Hunt

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