Monday, April 4, 2011

Buy Your Good To Go! Pass From The Special WSDOT Mobile Location at Children's Hospital Today Only

Good To Go!, Washington state's electronic tolling system, has gone mobile, sending their Good To Go! vans to various locations in the city.

Today the van will be at Children's Hospital from 10-2pm today. To set up an account at the van, you must have license your plate number and vehicle make and model as well as a form of payment.

You can check the mobile van's weekly schedule here.

You can also purchase the Good To Go! pass on-line or at the University Village Safeway (3020 NE 45th Street) or at any participating Safeway.

If you purchase the pass by April 15 and pre-load your account with the $30 minimum balance, you will receive $10 in free tolls for the SR 520 Bridge.

Drivers will travel across the SR 520 bridge just like they do today and the detection equipment mounted on the east high-rise of the bridge will automatically detect the Pass or Pay By Plate account, and then deduct the proper amount from the driver's pre-paid account. The detection is done at highway speed, so drivers will not need to slow down or stop at a toll booth.

Tolls are collected both east and westbound on SR 520 and vary by time of day.

So far, WSDOT has sold nearly 20,000 passes and established 18,000 new accounts while fielding 22,000 calls since the February 15th launch. Due to numerous customer service issues, such as long wait times, dropped calls and long on-line download times, WSDOT is working on  customer service improvments, and tolling is expected to start sometime this Spring.

For more information go here.

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