Thursday, March 3, 2011

Neighborhood Painter "Green Man" Wants Your Left Over Paints

Cole Palea, neighborhood painter, from REED Painting Company, is having a Green Paint Drive until March 13th. They held one last year at this time as well.  Nearly 200 gallons of paint was collected from various Seattle neighborhoods.

If you have left over paints that you don’t know what to do with REED Painting Company will pick them up for $20 or you can drop off the paint at their shop in Wallingford. You will in turn receive "dollars" towards a service that REED offers, painting, powerwashing or carpentry.

REED Painting has already collected nearly 300 gallons and is anticipating many more.  All paints are sorted, strained, categorized by color, turned into recycled paint and either reused or shared with the community. All recycled paints are given away free of charge.

According to the REED website, the Washington State Department of Ecology, says that “each year, a minimum of 695,000 gallons is estimated to be wasted in Washington State.” King County suggests that “residents should dry out latex paint and stains and put it in the garbage with the lid off.”
Here is more information about the Paint Drive.

You can call REED Painting Company at 206.965.0504, email them at or visit their website.

Here is a post we did two summers ago when REED Painting Company gave back to our neighborhood by offering to sprucing up projects.

(Pictured above is Randall Reed, the owner, with the Green Painter Man and below a painter mixing and batching some of the paint that were received in last year's Paint Drive)

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