Monday, March 7, 2011

Have You Seen Rascal, A Brown Tabby Cat?

We received this email from a reader, Dina, who lives near the intersection of NE 40th Street and 45th Avenue NE :

We would love to have the help of our Laurelhurst neighbors in bringing our special cat back home. He has been missing since 4 PM Saturday.

Rascal is a four year old brown tabby who lacks pronounced markings but is more spotted than stripped. He weighs 12 pounds and is all muscle. He is microchipped and wears a name tag and magnetic collar that trips the cat door he shares with his brother, Chaos.

Rascal is "cat-dog" breed: he sits or jumps onto a platform on command and comes to you when called. He is learning to roll over on command. He "talks" a lot and loves to play "fetch" with his toy mouse. He also loves to play "chase" and race around the yard and up trees at top speed. He climbs very well.

Though well trained, he scares easily and is very shy of strangers. If you have any leads on his whereabouts please call 206 909-0918 (cell). The number on his tag is our landline.

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