Friday, March 4, 2011

Laurelhurst Beach Club Board Openings and Summer Position Opportunities

The Laurelhurst Beach Club Board recently sent out an email to members regarding two open positions on the Board as well as a summer jobs for students. Last summer our staff ran into several Beach Club members who weren't receiving the Beach Club mailings and so were glad to see the mailings on the blog.

Here is the email:

The Laurelhurst Beach Club Board is seeking two additional members to fill a vacant position focused on club safety and a newly formed technology position. These members will also contribute to the overall success and long-term sustainability of the club.

If you are interested in guiding this important neighborhood resource please read the position descriptions below and forward a paragraph describ-ing your interest and experience and/or a resume to board member Ellen Reid at

LBC Board Position - Technology Focus
The board is looking for an enthusiastic member who can improve, enhance, and manage LBC's use of technology. This new and exciting board position is designed to address the use of, and provide insight into, the club's use of Internet, social networking, Wi-Fi technology, and current club software. This position requires solid interpersonal skills as the relationship with the Communications Board Member is critical to implement technological goals. Creative ideas include constructing and main-taining a private/members only LBC website, utilizing ecommerce for club business, and assessing the use of social networking sites for LBC members. Other ideas may include online documentation of incident reporting. Working in tandem with the Membership Board member, assess and develop necessary policies and procedures that support the front desk employees use of software to improve the check in system and support/enforce the guest policy. Data from the software will assist the board in policy adoption. Board meetings are held 4-5 times per year and obvious presence at the club is critical for successful board membership. Experience/interest with web development and computer software preferred.

LBC Board Position - Safety Focus
This position is responsible for a wide variety of safety related issues, not including maintenance. Strong interpersonal skills are required to interact with the club manager, lifeguards, board members, and LBC members on a variety of safety issues.  Oversees club manager's and lifeguard's adherence to American Red Cross lifeguard procedures and processes.  Maintains strong communication with the Club Manager and Board for all safety issues.  Communicates and documents follow up of incidents/injuries of members and guests. Coordinates AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Program.  Employee AED and First Aid certification is maintained. Ensures adherence to the AED program as prescribed by Seattle King County AED Program. Coordinates Swim Test program including collaborating with the Membership Board Member to maintain adequate arm band supplies, flyers describing the swim test program, and posting of swim test results. Communicates to Club Manager or lead guard when children are swimming in area without appropriate arm bands. Assesses and communicates to Club Manager or Maintenance Board Member issues that pertain to safety such as equipment that is being stored improperly or other "at risk" issues.  entors Club Manager and Lifeguards on age appropriate behavior that may be deemed risky and could result in injury to children and young adults

Laurelhurst Beach Board meetings are held 4-5 times per year and obvious presence at the club is critical for successful board membership. Lifeguarding, healthcare, or risk/safety management experience preferred.

LBC Summer Employment Opportunities
Students seeking summer employment at Laurelhurst Beach Club at either the front desk, lifeguarding, or sailing instruction please contact Matt Miller at or

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