Monday, October 18, 2010

Update From President of Laurelhurst Community Center Advisory Council

Kathleen Turner, President of the Laurelhurst Community Center Advisory Council, sent us email encouraging everyone to submit comments asap to City Council.

She writes:

"Thank you for all of your support, and help in getting the word out about the mayor's proposed budget's effect on our community center. I wanted to pass along this nudge to members of the community:

I encourage Laurelhurst families who would like to comment to the City Council on the mayor's proposed budget to do so by the final public hearing on October 26. In particular, please share your opinion of how the reduction of programming hours at Laurelhurst Community Center will directly affect the city, the neighborhood, you and your family.
The LCCAC will work with the Associated Recreation Council and the Parks Department to continue as many programs as possible at Laurelhurst Gym and the Community Center within the constraints of the mayor's proposed budget, as well as the final budget approved by the City Council."
Here are ways to submit comments:
Ideascale Page: share, comment and vote for ideas on how to balance the budget, City Council is continuously reviewing the
feedback and will respond to the most popular ideas.
City Council Feedback Form: emails are shared with each Councilmember to keep them updated on issues important to the public.
The final Public Hearing is next Tuesday, October 26th, at Seattle City Hall Council Chambers, 2nd floor at 600 Fourth Avenue.

The Hearing starts at 5:30pm with sign-in to speak at 5 pm.

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Anonymous said...

While I appreciate what a treasure our community center is for this community, I also realize the city is facing hard fiscal realities. We are fortunate to live in an area of the city where many have the resources (including transportation) they need to provide wonderful activities for their children and themselves. I would hate to see a community center in a less fortunate area of the city lose vital programing to save our community center. We are very lucky to be able to live in this community and it's time to remember that there are others in our city much less fortunate; they should have priority in budget considerations for certain services like community centers.