Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Children's Hospital Unveils New Temporary Location for Helipad

Children’s Hospital presented a new proposed site for the helistop at the SAC (Standing Advisory Committee) meeting on Thursday of last week.

Children’s agreed to study alternative sites and came up with the new proposal based on SAC comments at a previous meeting, that raised concerns about the rooftop location originally proposed atop a building very near NE 45th Street and about 300 feet away from residences.

Children’s model showed a raised helipad on the ground in the front entry area of the hospital, with a path leading directly to the new ER. Patients would be transported to the main elevator (the same roof elevator) and go down one floor directly to the ER or, depending on their needs, to the floor providing the necessary emergency treatment.

Children’s estimates that the travel distance to emergency services is the same for both the roof and ground locations.

The new proposed ground location is still near the site originally approved on the MIMP.

The new proposed site would be temporary, about 2 years according, or until possible future phases of development begin.

If the next phase is built, the helipad would be temporarily moved back to the rooftop near NE 45th Street during construction and then permanently located to the roof of the new centrally located diagnostic and treatment building which was the originally proposed helistop location.

More detailed studies will be conducted as Children’s prepares their MUP application. These studies will include noise, wind turbulence and other impacts.

There will be a public comment period when Children’s submits their MUP application.

The Master Plan is located here.

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