Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Specifics on Why Laurelhurst Community Center Was Chosen As The One To Possibly Close in January

Dena, Recreation Center Coordinator at the Laurelhurst Community Center, sent us this information sheet, prepared by Seattle Parks and Recreation, on why Laurelhurst Community Center has been chosen as the only community center in Seattle to possibly close in just 3 months:

Laurelhurst Community Center
Information Sheet

Why this facility was chosen?

This site was chosen based on a service area overlap (this site is within 1.9 miles of Magnuson Community Center and 2. 2 miles of Ravenna Eckstein Community Center). This site does not have its own gymnasium, so we use Laurelhurst Elementary School for all indoor sports programs. It was also chosen as a possible Senior Center hub model to focus on additional 50+ programming and what that may look like.

Current activities?
Laurelhurst offers a full array of recreational based programs. Preschool programs average 24 children per week. Dance classes are extremely popular as are art and music lessons. The center also offers a wide variety of adult classes, yoga, youth and adult and youth team sports, and community building events and activities. This facility has a pottery room that provides regular classes and studio time. Teen programs are currently offered as well as field trips and special events. One of the most popular programs is the indoor soccer program. Many Lifelong Recreation programs are offered that provide activities and trips for an average of 40 senior adults. Regular drop in sports activities are offered at the school gym after school hours and include adult and youth drop in basketball, volleyball, and teen activities.

What will continue in the new model?
The site will be used as a satellite program site for senior programs and some office space for the Lifelong Recreation and Specialized Program manager and staff. There may be limited programs offered by these division staff and the building would not be open the general public. There will be times for senior drop-in activities, card playing, and social gatherings. These times will be determined based on other available programs and activities at nearby community centers.

The public operating hours will be reduced to 15 hours a week for drop-in recreational activities. The specific operating hours will depend on the needs and demands of the neighborhood, but most likely these times would be late afternoon and evenings, Monday-Friday, but are subject to change. There could be limited opportunity for additional programs scheduled during these hours or other times based on the ability of Magnuson Community center to plan, manage, collect fees, and schedule a recreation attendant to assist with attendance and building monitoring.

Laurelhurst would continue to be available for rent to individuals or groups during the non-operating hours.

What stops happening?
Most fee based youth and adult programs and drop in activities will be canceled or moved to other nearby centers, such as Magnuson and Ravenna-Eckstein Community Centers. All seasonal special events, such as the Spring Egg Hunt and Halloween Carnival and other free programs would be canceled. Indoor sports would be moved or be managed by nearby center, where applicable.

What are the limited drop-in hours?
Based on 15 hours of Recreation Leader FTE per week, limited drop-in activities will be scheduled. The limited drop-in hours are TBD at this point and would be based on community needs and we would work closely with nearby centers to compliment the available drop in programs.

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