Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help Save Laurelhurst Community Center Classes and Special Events - Attend Public Hearing Tonight

In yesterday's post we discussed the proposed drastic cuts to the operations of the Laurelhurst Community Center that the Mayor has outlined in the 2011 budget.

The Laurelhurst Community Center is the only Community Center in Seattle that would change from a center for serving families of all ages to one that serves seniors.

Classes for children and adults at the Community Center would be cancelled as well as the very popular annual events, such as the Salmon Bake, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Carnival and many others. Some classes could move to to other nearby community centers.

One of our readers, Grace, sent us email saying "Our community center will change from a center serving children, families, and all elements of our local community to a 'satellite pilot program site for senior programs.'  No other community center would be affected in this way.

"This means that all the preschool, dance, yoga, ceramics, art, and music programs and the special events at Laurelhurst Community Center that many of our families enjoy and appreciate will be eliminated."

To get involved and help preserve classes, programs and events at the Community Center, refer to the post we did yesterday  which contains public hearing information, and websites to submit input.

Tonight is one of three public hearings at Northgate Community Center Gym starting at 5:30. Sign-up to speak at 5pm.

Grace urges everyone to contact your City Councilmember right away. See the list below that she has provided.

Her message to pass along to them is:
We opposed the proposed changes and budget cuts at the Laurelhurst Community Center. Please preserve the current programs at LCC for our kids and our families.
Here is contact information for City Council Members:

Richard Conlin, Council President
(206) 684-8805

Jean Godden, Chair, Finance and Budget Committee
(206) 684-8807

Sally Bagshaw
(206) 684-8801

Tim Burgess
(206) 684-8806

Sally Clark
(206) 684-8802

Bruce Harrell
(206) 684-8804

Nick Licata
(206) 684-8803

Mike O'Brien
(206) 684-8800

Tom Rasmussen
(206) 684-8808

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