Monday, November 14, 2022

Attack In Field Across From University Village

 The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

At 7:30am on Saturday, November 12th, an attack  occurred in the open field across from University Village. 

A neighbor was playing with his dog when a 6’5” white male with a beard started making barking noises at the dog.  The man then went into the woods, returned with a log and started to lunge at the neighbor.  The neighbor was able to outrun the attacker.  The attacker ran away towards the University Village. 

Police were called but were unable to make an arrest because the attacker did not actually touch the neighbor.  The attacker ran away towards U Village.  

From the physical description of the person, this attacker appears to be a different assailant than the one who pushed other neighbors to the ground while walking on the Urban Horticulture grounds last month.

Here is inforamtion about the CUH attack:

At 2pm on August 31 at the entrance to the Center For Urban Horticulture, a  neighbor and friend were chased by a man wielding a stick yelling that he was going to kill them.  Running at full speed, he pushed our neighbor to the ground. The man was Caucasian man, in his early 20’s, clean-cut student-look.


The UW police were called and showed the neighbor a photo of the man who came through a closed gate and showed up in a another neighbor's pool a week earlier at 7am.  This photo didn't match the CUH male.   

Here is information directly from the person who was attacked in August:

A  ellow Laurelhurst neighbor and I were walking in the Horticulture Center when a guy chased and attacked us.  He looked very clean cut and we originally thought he was a UW student.  He looked to be about 22 years old. We heard him yelling, but thought he was yelling at a friend.  
All of a sudden he said he was going to kill us.  He charged towards me running at full speed.  I thought he was going to punch me but he just shoved me really hard onto the ground.  I wasn't very hurt..  It was just scary.  
I called UW Campus Police and we went back to the site but he was gone. 

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