Friday, October 23, 2020

New North Precinct Captain Seattle Police Department

The Seattle Police North Precinct, serving Laurelhurst and 23 other neighborhoodshas a new Captain replacing Captain Sano, who moved to the East Precinct. 

Captain Brian Stampfl, recently became North Precinct Captain, which includes these North Precinct Area boundaries.

Here is some information about Captain Stampfl:

Captain Brian Stampfl joined the Seattle Police Department in 1995 after serving four years with a police agency in Southern California. He was promoted to Captain in 2020 and is honored to have been assigned to the Seattle Police Department's North Precinct. 

Captain Stampfl has enjoyed a variety of assignments within the Patrol Operations Bureau, the Investigations Bureau, and assignment with the Office of Professional Accountability.

Captain Stampfl was first assigned to the West Precinct as a patrol officer where he also worked as a Field Training Officer (FTO). He later became a tactical officer and instructor for the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff Department's joint training academy. In 2001, Captain Stampfl moved into the Investigations Bureau where he worked as a detective in the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit (SAU).  

In 2004, he was selected as one of ten detectives tasked with creating the Seattle Police department's first Crime Scene Investigations Unit (CSI). There he served as a detective and later as the supervisor of CSI. 

Tapping into his knowledge of forensic science and a passion for teaching, Captain Stampfl was invited to become an adjunct instructor at Seattle University where he taught a course in Crime Scene Investigations for over a decade. Working with college students and sharing his law enforcement experiences remains one of Captain Stampfl's most rewarding things to do.

In 2015, Captain Stampfl was promoted to Lieutenant where he was first assigned to the Office of Professional Accountability and later to the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Unit. Having come full circle, Captain Stampfl returned to the West Precinct where he served as a Watch Commander and Operations Lieutenant. 

Now as the Captain of the North Precinct, Captain Stampfl looks forward to building collaborative relationships with the communities of North Seattle.

Captain Stampfl recently told the Laurelhurst Blog about the recent spike in car thefts in the neighborhood:  

Here is how we are addressing these thefts:


Since my arrival to the North Precinct, SPD as a whole has been undergoing some significant changes, many of which have forced SPD to reconsider how we approach complex and frequent crimes such as auto theft. 

My Operations Lieutenant will reviewing the recent car thefts. in this response so that the information you’ve provided can be further reviewed and also shared with our district officers. 

The officers are being asked not only to provide extra patrol to these areas, but to identify patterns, such as the ones listed in your recent Crime Report published on the Laurelhurst Blog, to assist all of us in preventing these thefts.

In addition to SPD’s own efforts, we are fortunate to have a Seattle University Masters student who will be working within the North Precinct to identify crime trends. I have already spoken to Katelyn about the rise in auto thefts and our need to address them.  She will be assisting us in interpreting the crime data and developing plans to address the crime trends. 

For more information about the North Precinct go here.  

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