Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Center for Urban Horticulture Holding Special Event To Showcase Rental Facilities Tomorrow

The Center For Urban Horticuture (3501 NE 41st Street), located in Laurelhurst, is holding a special event tomorrow from 3-7pm to showcase their indoor and outdoor venues which are available for weddings, meetings, graduation, parties or whatever the occasion may be.

About 50 vendors who serve the rental customers "will fill you with ideas during the event," the information says. 

"Here’s your opportunity to stroll through indoor halls and classrooms and outdoor gardens and groves, view food and beverage set-up possibilities, and talk with caterers, florists, entertainers, valet services and more - everything you could possibly want all in one place to ease and inspire preparations for the greatest-ever meeting, wedding, fundraiser, conference, graduation or celebration!"

The event as well as parking are free. Call 206-221-2500 to RSVP and for questions contact Lauren S. Fortune, UWBG Facilities & Rental Program at 206-685-1706 or

(photo courtesy of UW website)

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