Friday, October 16, 2020

Aegis Living Update To Be Located At Five Corners At Old Baskin-Robbins Site

Demolition is complete at the future Aegis Living triangular site (3200 NE 45th Street) at Five Corners

The design proposal, submitted in July 2016, includes 135 units in a six story building (55-70 feet) with 53 parking stalls and 2500 square feet of retail on the first floor proposed to house a salon and cafe.  First residents are scheduled to move in around spring of 2023 according to the Aegis website

In July of last year, the building in which China Village resided for over 30 years was demolished. The Wong family have owned the restaurant since 1987. In 2016 Amy, and her brother, Lee Wong bought out another family member and changed the name from "China Village" to Uncle Lee's and remodeled the restaurant. It is now located at Sandpoint Village (5408 Sand Point Way).

Amy told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff at the time: "We started off as “China Village” and now we will continue our family business and passion as 'Uncle Lee’s'!"

Also demolished was the building where Benton Jewelers used to be, which was most recently a brokerage firm.

Before demolition, the landmark Benton clock, which since 1986 stood in front of the old Benton Jewelers location, was removed and put into storage at a cost of $30,000. The new clock location will be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Board and De
partment of Neighborhoods. 

Also demolished was the building, in which for over four decades, Baskin-Robbins was located.  In September 2015 it was forced to close, even though the building was not demolished until 4 years later. 

The manager of Baskin-Robbins who owned that franchise for 15 years, told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff at the time that "unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement regarding a lease on the site with the Broderick Group, a real-estate brokerage company, so Baskin-Robbins is forced to close." 

He added that the new landlord "wanted to raise the rent by more than 50% with all costs included." 

Other buildings demolished housed well-know long-time businesses at one time or another, including Select Hair Salon which had rented their building for over 20 years and was originally located in the north side of the current Varlamos Pizzeria (3617 NE 45th Street) before it expanded.  

Jennifer, Aegis, Director of Marketing, told the Laurelhurst Blog:
The construction site was temporarily placed on hold June 1.  The site will remain quiet for some time, unless we elect to do some early utility connections.  All demolition and the current status of the site follow the requirements of the City, for example, the slab on grade being left in order to comply with the state erosion requirements. 
Aegis Living had planned to break ground in May. Construction activity will still occur as previously conveyed and which is dependent on City of Seattle approvals which have pushed the start of major construction tentatively to February 1. 
We received a Phase 1 permit on 8/28/20 which allows us to begin construction up to the ground floor, including street enhancements, public and private space, tie ins and utilities into the street, once we complete financing. 
The banks drive their financing and we do not have an exact date for that process to come to a conclusion, it is likely the first few months of 2021. 
We are currently working toward our Phase 2 permit which would allow for work on all of the exterior. There have been numerous delays in receiving permits due to City of Seattle rounds of review and due to the slowdowns from Covid 19. 
Aegis will continue to paint over any graffiti on an ongoing basis.
After demolition, the site appeared to be unmaintained for a number of months and began to be covered with graffiti and weeds.

The Laurelhurst Blog contacted Aegis, several months ago, and asked if covering could be put on the fence surrounding the property since construction will not start for many months to help cover and secure the property at such a well-travelled intersection and entry point into many neighborhoods.

The site also consistently has graffiti , which the City requires to be covered within 10 days. 

Aegis responded to the Laurelhurst Blog saying:
We are working with site maintenance team to improve the site’s appearance. 
We will be installing a blue mesh cover around the entire fence, as well as having the construction contractor work to better secure the fencing around the site. And we plan on continually maintaining the vegetation on site. 
Additionally, our team is working with development and our designers to create  new signage for the fencing, which will blend attractive imagery and Aegis marketing, will enhance the look of the site and will block any view of the interior.  It should be installed soon.   
In addition, the project manager and our service partner will make sure the site is cleared of trash, graffiti is covered, the fencing is standing and stays connected.  
Recently, a contractor painted the adjacent wall, which is not our property, to match the adjoining business and will keep it painted throughout the project. We will continue to follow the city ordinances to manage any graffiti, with assistance from our maintenance contractor. 
Our project manager will do regular site visits to ensure site security and maintenance. 

The City of Seattle told the Laurelhurst Blog about the site:
The City provides regulations and standards for Safeguards During Construction under the Seattle Building Code and for Protection of Adjoining Properties under the Seattle Residential Code. As inspectors are on site to monitor permit conditions, they also look for safety concerns. Once the building is demolished, we require erosion control measures such as silt fences and drain covers. 
Code compliance staff also take complaints about violations at private properties. In addition to stabilizing slopes and retaining walls on construction sites, the owner must also keep it free of debris and trash should be stored in an orderly fashion. Potential fall hazards must be secured with fencing or guardrails. If utility connections are installed, they must be secured from unauthorized access. 
The same vegetation requirements apply to all private properties; owners are responsible for ensuring nothing grows into streets or sidewalks that might impact the path of travel. Private properties are required to maintain the same standards on vegetation during construction. To file a complaint regarding vegetation overgrowth, please file it online here or via phone at 615-0808. 
Any observed graffiti should be directed to the Graffiti hotline managed by SPU. They will follow up with the property owner to have it removed. 
To file a complaint about dumping or trespassing at an inactive construction site, call 206-615-0808 or go here.  The State Department of Labor & Industry monitors active construction sites for workplace safety.

The City recently sent an Inspector to the site regarding the issue of vegetation along the sidewalk who followed up with this information to the Laurelhurst Blog:
Vegetation along the sidewalk is an element we enforce through the complaint process. Based on your inquiry, we had an inspector drive by and evaluate the conditions of the vegetation. We will create a complaint about the vegetation and follow up with the owner to have them cut back along the sidewalk.

The "Aegis Laurelhurst" website says:
Offering 111 stylishly designed assisted living apartments for seniors and 24 memory care apartments for your family member needing specially trained dementia care. Aegis at Laurelhurst is designed to be the center of social activities. With a large plaza at the main entry, families can play, connect, and relax. Don’t miss the top floor sky lounge with views of the UW campus, Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline.

Another retirement home, Empress Senior Living (4020 NE 55th Street), is currently under construction, on the former Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital site, across from Metropolitan Market. The proposal, Permit #3025827, includes 3 stories of approximately 74 units with a restaurant at street level and parking for approximately 30 vehicles above and below grade.

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