Monday, November 4, 2019

Children's Hospital Construction Activity This Week


Children's Hospital has begun construction activity in preparation for the new Building Care, Forest B, Phase 2 of the expansion, planned to open in Spring of 2022. 

The 310,000 square-foot addition will add an eight-story building and will includes diagnostic and treatment facilities, primarily out-patient cancer and others) labs, new state-of-the-art operating rooms, 20 inpatient beds, and a lobby. There will be two floors of underground parking and sterile processing. This will bring SCH bed total to 409, up from 200 before its expansion 2012 plan. 

The helicopter landing pad has moved temporarily to the roof of Forest A (176’), now known as Friends of Costco Building, Phase 1 of the expansion. The landing pad will be active for the next four years, until Building Care is completed Noise is expected to be louder than the former ground-based helipad. When Forest B is complete, the helistop will moves to its permanent location on top of the Friends of Costco Building (same height). 

Last week, lights were added to the horizontal swing arm (boom) portion of the tower crane to increase safety for helicopter landings. These are in addition to the lights at the end of the boom and on the crane operator’s cab. The additional lights will help the helicopter pilots in identifying the location of the boom when landing or departing the helipad in the dark. While the lights are visible from the ground, they are not bright enough to interfere with any neighboring properties. As a reminder, the tower crane is scheduled to remain onsite through August 2020.

The Hospital posted this information on their Construction Blog about specific construction activity this week: 
            • Fire lane expansion activities near NE 45th Street: install irrigation, light poles and landscaping
            • Install rebar and pour concrete for walls, footings, slabs, and curbs
            • Strip concrete
            • Install waterproofing for walls
            • Set stairs
            • Prep work on electricity transformer vault
            • Install storm drains and pipes
            • Demolish concrete walkways within site which will be the loudest activity will be the demolition of concrete walkways within the site. Expect heavy truck traffic, primarily from concrete trucks.
            • Activities on River C, level 7: construct walls
            • Internal activities: install new pipe and wiring pathways on Forest A, level 1

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