Monday, April 9, 2018

Tonight Learn About Impacts Of UW's Husky Stadium Transportation Management Plan At Laurelhurst Community Club Meeting

Tonight at 7pm, the Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) is holding its monthly Board meeting, open to all neighbors, at the Laurelhurst Community Center in the Fireside Room. Agenda is listed below.
The meeting will feature updated Husky Stadium Transportation Plans with UW representatives .

The Laurelhurst Community Club sent out out this information:
Laurelhurst is directly impacted by any changes in the UW’s Husky Stadium Transportation Management Plan (TMP) Modernization Plan and therefore submitted detailed comments to the City’s Office of Capital Planning and Development for EIS scoping to be approved by Seattle City Council and applied for under SEPA #201706183.  
Key points to be analyzed include: 
  • Access to the arterials and major highways within two miles of the stadium, i.e., a comprehensive traffic study. 
  • Effects of removing financial subsidies on transit costs to users. The University has been subsidizing free bus service for attendees, almost exclusively using Metro buses, but then switching to private coaches and school buses when federal policy changed. LCC has concerns that the future TMP wholly places the burden of its impacts upon the public’s ability to use public transportation on event days. 
  • Transit capacity of public systems on game days. The TMP Modernization states that Light Rail will be a key mode to reduce vehicular congestion in the area around the stadium; however, capacity is limited. LCC requests that the scoping for the any new TMP include a full analysis of the actual capacity of the Link Light Rail system. 
Any new TMP scoping also must evaluate the impacts of: 
  • Eliminating financial subsidies to ticket holders. 
  • Full disincentive impacts of less available Metro bus service on regular weekend routes on game day users. 
  • Displacement of regular public commuters on Metro buses on game days. 
  • Full impacts on weekday bus capacity to allow for game day attendees in addition to regular bus users. 
  • Which routes weekday attendees are likely to use by ticket holders. 
  • Ride Share capacity and location. Scoping should include a full analysis of future of ride share programs locations (entrance and egress) and impacts on special event congestion. Ride shares still add to vehicular congestion.  
  • Walkers. Provide a zip code analysis of ticket holders from the past three seasons to identify the origins of event attendees. Count vehicles parked in these five adjacent neighborhoods to get real data about automobiles vs. walkers in planning the future TMP. 
  • Boats. Provide an in-depth study to investigate more large boat charters or foot ferry options for special events. 
  • Automobiles. Automobile use remains at about 47% regardless whether they are carpool, ride share, or SOV. Evaluate convenient alternatives with financial incentives to further reduce the use of automobiles at Special Events. 
  • Bikes. Examine UW bike facilities for safety and for easy access to Husky Stadium. 
  • The new Campus Master Plan (CMP) 2018 growth in population. The proposed TMP for Husky Stadium must consider the cumulative effects of the University’s planned 20% population increase. 
  • The CMP 2018 displacement of parking near Husky Stadium. Proposed new structures on the East Campus parking lots will eliminate space for tailgating and parking. Residential Zone Parking permits may be required to accommodate residents. 
  • Special concerns for media scheduling and weeknight events. The impacts on congestion around the SR520 on/off ramps, access to I-5 and the feeder arterials cannot be mitigated with normal p.m. peak traffic.  

Here is tonight's LCC agenda:

7pm Welcome
· Husky Stadium TMP Update, Representatives from the UW

· Calls/Concerns from Neighbors
· Treasurer's Report
· Announcements
· Annual Meeting Planning Update
· Recruiting LCC Trustees
· Appointment of Bylaw Committee

· Crime Prevention
· Earthquake Preparedness Update
· Helicopter Landing Committee Report

· Executive Session with LCC Attorney

· Adjourn

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