Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Apply Now For Community Police Commission

The Community Police Commission is accepting applications through Friday for additional members.

The Community Police Commission " helps amplify and build common ground among communities affected by policing in Seattle.

The information says:
In response to a broad-based community request, after the 2010 shooting death of First Nations woodcarver John T. Williams by a Seattle police officer, and a series of other serious incidents involving police and people of color, crystallized public concern about bias and the use of excessive force in the Seattle Police Department (SPD). After a federal investigation, the City of Seattle signed a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to reform SPD's practices. Initially established as a requirement of the Consent Decree, the City of Seattle established the Community Police Commission (CPC) to make policy recommendations during reform and to serve as a conduit between SPD, the City, and the community.  
In 2017 the City made the CPC permanent, increased the number of Commissioners who may be appointed from 15 to 21, and broadened the CPC's scope and responsibilities. 
The CPC is charged with engaging the community to develop recommendations on the police accountability system and to provide a community-based perspective on law-enforcement related policies, practices, and services affecting public trust. In the effort to be responsive to the community, the CPC also works with partners across the City's police accountability system to advocate for changes in policing policies and practices. 
Duties of appointed commissioners:  
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings (first and third Wednesdays of every month from 9-12 pm)
  • Act as liaisons between the CPC and the community, including District representation 
  • Attend and participate in community meetings, forums, and other events across the city
  • Serve on at least one standing committee or ad-hoc workgroups
  • Respond in a timely manner to CPC communications through city provided channels 
  • Review materials in preparation for meetings
  • Work with CPC staff to achieve the goals and mission of the CPC  
  • There is a stipend available for those in need, or for whom unpaid time off from work presents a significant barrier. Our aim is to ensure that economic constraints do not prohibit participation from members of our community.  

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