Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tonight Seattle Parks Board Meeting At Magnuson Including Update On Building 2 Hangar Redevelopment

A neighbor would like to let the Community know that tonight  the Seattle Board of Park Commissioners is holding their monthly meeting at the Cascade Bike Club in Magnuson park, rather than the usual downtown location.

The neighbor shared that generally the public is allowed to give comments at the start of each meeting.

The volunteer board advises the City regarding policies for the planning, development and use of the City's park and recreation facilities.

The agenda includes a briefing and discussion on Magnuson Park Building 2 Redevelopment, the former aircraft Assembly and Repair (A&R) hangar, which includes two hangars, workshops, and offices totaling about 140,000 –144,000 square feet.

The neighbor added:

I assume the reason for tonight's meeting being at Magnuson is to give commissioners a chance to look at Building 2 before the meeting because of it being an agenda item.    
It costs the Department quite a bit to keep the building and it keeps looking for alternatives.  So far no one has come up with a workable plan for it, yet it would be difficult to demolish due to landmark status and environmental concerns.

Seattle Parks Building 2 Prospectus states about Building 2:

SPR previously conducted a Request for Proposal (RFP) process that yielded two finalists. However, both development plans lacked sufficient financing to move forward. Both are open and potentially interested in adding partners to their projects.  
There are additional opportunities to redevelop adjacent structures on Building 2 parcel, including former steam plant (Building 12) 
SPR will review and evaluate: •Proposed uses and activation of Building 2, ensuring alignment with SPR mission, Magnuson Park plans, and the Magnuson Park 2012 Strategic Plan. •Intent to develop building for recreation, arts or cultural activities in keeping with the National Park Service covenant on the building. •Demonstration of measurable public benefit.

For more information go here. 

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