Monday, May 8, 2017

Villa Academy Construction Resulting In Traffic Reroute Through Summer

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) recently published this information in their newsletter:

Villa Field Construction Will Reroute Traffic
Villa Academy ((5001 NE 50th Street) ) Head of School John K. Milroy announced an upgrade to their on-campus athletic field. Work begins this month and continues during the summer months.  

The field is expected to be completed prior to the start of school September 5. During the construction while school is still in session, driving near Villa will be challenging and congested.  
Milroy wrote, “During construction, the school’s NE 50th Street exit – immediately across the intersection of NE 50th Street and Nicklas Place NE – will be closed and no vehicles will be able to use that exit until the project is completed.  
During construction, the only exit from the main areas of the campus (i.e., the areas near the main building, chapel, gymnasium) will be through the south-side property gate and onto 51st Ave. NE.”

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