Friday, May 5, 2017

More Rabbit Sightings In The Neighborhood, Many In Gardens

Photo from Pennie P.
bunny in the neighborhood

Following the recent Laurelhurst Blog post about rabbits being seen in the neighborhood, readers sent in comments and more sightings: 

We have been very frustrated by what seems to be the recent population growth of rabbits in the neighborhood. We planted hundreds and the rabbits chewed them down to the root before they had a chance to flower.  We also noticed that they love to eat the longer leaves on plants, which eventually kills the plant. 

The rabbits don't seem to be native, but perhaps released after Easter for the last few years. Is there a way to keep rabbits out of gardens? 

We have had rabbits in our garden long before Easter. Here is a picture of a rabbit almost in the same photograph spot as where we once saw a coyote!

We have seen a baby rabbit running around on the 43rd Avenue NE while out walking. The rabbit almost ran in the road narrowly dodging a car.

We generally walk our dogs late in the evening. The rabbits are out almost every night, and even so more than last year.    

I saw 2 rabbits in our upper yard a little while ago in the 4500 block of West Laurel Drive.  They were jumping at each other, maybe fighting.  Then they settled down and were eating weeds on the back slope (it looked like they were eating horsetails and fresh morning glory!) It seems there is an explosion of bunnies in the neighborhood  

My cat brings home a bunny about 3 times a week.  He is doing his job to keep the population down.

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