Monday, May 15, 2017

Laurelhurst Resident, Goldie Silverman, Speaking Today At Magnuson Park Event

Goldie Silverman camping at
Crystal Lake in Mt. Rainier National Park

Goldie Gendler Silverman, who has lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years, is speaking today at 2pm at a event at Magnuson about her experience as an author.

The event will be held in the Magnuson Park Brig (6344 NE 74th Street) in Room 406.
RSVP to NEST office at 206.525.6378.

The information says:

Knowing that almost all of you have a book in your head, or perhaps even a manuscript that has made it into your computer, local author Goldie Silverman joins us for a discussion of her experience as an author, first as a contract writer, then working with conventional publishers, and then as a self-published author. Join us for coffee, tea, and conversation at the Magnuson Park Brig. This event is FREE and OPEN to the public.

In April 2015, Goldie published her first novel called "Show Me Your Face," about a woman who moves to Seattle to take a job in a shelter for abused women.

Goldie has written other books -  Backpacking With Babies and Small Children and Camping With Kids. 

She told the Laurelhurst Blog that those came about when she had joined a group of women in a support group for displaced homemakers who wanted to get back into the world of work.

At their urging she contacted Louise Marshall who was the publisher of Signpost and asked her  to write Backpacking With Babies and Small Children. Later Goldie moved the book to Wilderness Press and wrote two further editions.

Wilderness Press then asked her to write Camping With Kids "because they felt fewer people were backpacking these days, and they wanted a book for car camping."

Goldie has also written four low-fat, low-salt cookbooks.  She said the most successful one, called No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat, published by Nitty Gritty, "is still around, mostly seen in gift and kitchen shops."

She got the idea for that book from a friend, Jacqueline, who wanted to write a cookbook to share what she had learned in cooking for her husband, Walt, after his first heart surgery.

"She had no experience writing books so she asked me to help." And they wrote four cookbooks together. Jackie went on to write a number of history books and her son David wrote The Seattle Streetwise Naturalist and Cairns.

For many years, Jackie and Goldie taught a class in community colleges and at the Experimental College called "How to write a Cookbook."

Goldie has also written several books in a series called the Phoenix Reading Series (remedial readers) based on research done from reading newspapers on microfilm or microfiche and published by Prentice-Hall.

Goldie said all the writing took place over many years, beginning 1975. 

She added:

Now I write the occasional blog and I'm working on my memoirs.
What I do now is work on causes that are important to me. I did telephone banking and marched for marriage equality, and now I'm working in favor of gun safety and against coal and oil trains running through our city."

Her other interests and hobbies include hiking, camping, travel, gardening, book group, Jazzercise and her family which includes three kids and four grandchildren.
For more information about Goldie's book and her blog go here.

NEST (Northeast Seattle Together)
non-profit grassroots operation, who is hosting the event today, supports Northeast Seattle elder neighbors through a network of volunteers and vendors by creating a "virtual village" to helping them be able to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods they love.

Volunteers provide companionship, care, as well as help seniors with a wide range of services, including gardening, computer help and more. to seniors aging in their homes. Ongoing classes (fitness, etc) are also offered, as well as access to events, transportation services, and various services (such as estate planners) who provide their services at a discount to members.

For more information about NEST go here.


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