Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Homeless Sleeping In Park Near Baseball Field

Several neighbors have reported seeing, possibly two individuals, sleeping at the north side of Laurelhurst Park by the baseball field on Friday, May 17th.  The camp site had a large red and white umbrella and several personal bags.

In March, it was reported that a man may have been living in the bushes at the end of NE 44th Street right off 43rd Avenue NE, the Boulevard.  Several neighbors have seen the male, with about shoulder length hair and beard, come out of that area and walk along the back alley behind the homes 

One neighbor said:
I saw a quite disheveled man emerge from the bushes near the park wandering up and down the alley looking at homes.  When the man was out, we looked in the bushes and saw some clothes and other personal items.

Several neighbors believe that neither of these individuals is Andrei, who was frequenting the neighborhood quite often, especially the streets around Laurelhurst Elementary School and Laurelhurst Park, taking walks and sometimes sleeping in Laurelhurst Park at times with another male.

Seattle Parks does not allow unauthorized camping.  The Seattle Municipal Code 18.12.250 states that "It is unlawful to camp in any park except at places set aside and posted for such purposes by the Superintendent." 

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