Monday, April 3, 2017

Important Bird Symposium On Thursday

Neighborhood Flyways          

Connie Sidles, local neighborhood birding expert who maintains a blog documenting the many types of birds at the nearby Union Bay Natural Area,  and author of two books, Fill of Joy and Tales From The Montlake Fill, and a long-time member of Seattle Audubon Society, invites the community to an urban bird symposium, sponsored by Seattle Audubon.

The event, called "Neighborhood Flyways Symposium," is on April 6 from 2-7pm.  Connie told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff that "various environmental/government/policy groups are coming together at Town Hall for an all-afternoon conference on how we can all coordinate better to preserve and enhance urban habitat for birds (and people!) in the Seattle area. If anyone is interested in coming, attendance is free, thanks to a grant from the Horizons Foundation. However, people must register.

Connie added:

I urge everyone to attend if you possibly can. Recent events on the national scene show us that environmental protections we thought were secure might not be, and that one way to respond is to strengthen local commitments to the environment. This is especially important in Seattle, where rapid population growth makes open spaces a tempting target for development. 

And Kevin Wren, a volunteer with the Seattle Audubon Society, wrote to the Blog Staff:

We think your readers might be concerned with environmental conservancy amid urbanization, especially as it concerns their Laurelhurst neighborhood in the city.. Seattle is falling short of its urban tree canopy levels according to recent reports. These trees provide vital resting and refueling stops for migratory birds, our feathered friends. The Seattle Audubon developed a 4-year Neighborhood Flyways campaign to restore local and migratory bird habitats by connecting the tree canopy across Seattle.

The free symposium will include speakers from the Seattle Audubon Society, the City of Seattle, Seattle Public Utilities, the Nature Conservancy, Seattle Parks Foundation, and Urban Forest Carbon Registry. Discussion topics range from urban forestry opportunities and challenges; Seattle’s density policies and tree ordinances; environmental justice and community engagement; restoring urban and natural habitats for birds, wildlife, and human communities; and more.
Go here for more information, including specific event details.

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