Friday, March 31, 2017

One Lane Of Suicide Hill On NE 41st Street Temporarily Closed For Repairs

The steep section of NE 41st Street, also known as Suicide Hill, between 42nd Avenue NE and 43rd Avenue NE, is down to one lane of traffic while repairs are completed on the bad conditions of the road surface, a Laurelhurst Community Club Board member told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff.

LCC said that road crews are repairing an entire section of the western direction portion of the downhill road
, which was broken up due to the roots of trees planted on the parking strip, which are now gone. 

Crews are about 80% complete on the project but have had some delays with the rain, which affects the cement work.  Work should be completed by this weekend if there is no rain.

The Laurelhurst Community Club told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff that the name, "Suicide Hill," is derived from the historical fact that sporting teams at the UW used to jog up the hill as part of their training. Their route would take them up the big hill.  Because it’s such a steep hill and hard to run up, the students called it “Suicide Hill.” 



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