Thursday, December 15, 2016

SR520 Recent Meeting Update Including Neighborhood Impacts

Last week WSDOT held their monthly SR520 meeting which had a larger scope than their other regular  meetings, as SDOT reviewed the WABN (West Approach Bridge North ) 2016 construction activity, current construction of the bridge over Union Bay and plan for its opening in late 2017. 

SDOT also provided an update on the South (WABS), the  Montlake Phase of the bridge, the Montlake lid and land bridge, retention of the Montlake Market and the Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan.

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) provided this information from the meeting:

The information about the WABN  and rest of the demo of the old bridge was presented by Steve Peer, on site construction manage for KGM (contractor).  He stressed that the bridge closure was important this upcoming weekend to remove the off ramps, as well as perform maintenance.

As they work on the West Approach Bridge North (the Laurelhurst side), there will be some additional noise, but KGM is using noise shields to help muffle the sounds.  95 of the 99 shafts have already been placed, with only a few remaining this week. After the 307 girders  are placed, they will pour concrete to build out the bridge deck in the next few weeks as well, weather dependent.

The target date of the WABN opening is in 2 parts. First the traffic will flow in mid-summer 2017, followed by the opening of the bike/pedestrian path in late 2017. It is later due to connectivity "clean up" on the Seattle side.

Questions were asked about the existing new noisy expansion joints.  WSDOT answered that they not the same as the newer ones, and promised to be quieter on the WABN.

LCC asked that KGM build a mock up of the new lighting system for the bike/ped path so any problems could be prevented that happened on the Floating Bridge lighting on the north side.

The other report was from WSDOT about the further design details on the Montalke Interchange phase of the project, called "the Rest of the West". WSDOT announced that they are going to "acquire" the Montlake Market and gas station in order to build out the interchange, despite the loss of these services to the community. The sewer heights, and width of the newer off ramps make it untenable to keep.  Neighbors were very unhappy about this decision.

The Montlake Interchange plan  will be a "design/build" project which means WSDOT only gives about 30% design details, and the contractor finishes the rest of both the design, disposal and construction. The contract is scheduled to be awarded in late 2017, dictated by the cash flow from the legislature, and will begin in 2018.

Bernard Van deKamp, with the City of Seattle,presented details of how the City and WSDOT will work together to minimize traffic congestion and truck routes during the process.

WSDOT also mentioned that they will have continual outreach to "Frontline Neighbors" before and during the next phase of the SR520  bridge.

Here is information provided by WSDOT:

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Heads up: Nighttime closure of westbound SR 520 on Friday, Dec. 16

Crews this weekend will continue placing concrete for the roadway deck of a new West Approach Bridge North (WABN). To access the section of the WABN structure closest to the new SR 520 floating bridge, crews will need to close westbound SR 520 lanes and ramps between 92nd Avenue Northeast and Montlake Boulevard. Specific hours of the closure are from:
  • 11 p.m. Friday, Dec. 16, to 7 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 17
The bicycle and pedestrian path on the floating bridge will also be closed.
Late-night and early-morning drivers and bus riders should plan to take I-90 or go around Lake Washington to travel into Seattle from the Eastside.
Please note that this work is weather dependent. If needed, crews may move this work to 11 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 17, to 7 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 18.

Recap: A full weekend of work along the SR 520 corridor 

Crews were busy this past weekend, December 10-11, along the SR 520 corridor, removing an old bridge, placing concrete for the permanent WABN structure, replacing lights under the lids on the Eastside and completing maintenance work along the highway. Crews worked quickly and efficiently and were able to open the highway on Sunday
night, about eight hours earlier than expected.
Next time you go for a drive along SR 520, you may notice a change in the old off-ramp that spans over the highway. Using a ‘muncher’, crews removed five of the eight girders that make up the ramp and plan to remove the final three girders in early 2017.
To see more photos from this weekend’s closure, previous closures and regular construction progress visit our SR 520 Flickr

Upcoming work near Lake Washington Boulevard in the Arboretum

This week, crews will begin to remove the south end of the old westbound SR 520 off-ramp to the Arboretum. Crews will work during the day to remove the ramp from south to north. They’ll process the debris in the WSDOT staging area near East Miller Street and eventually transport it to recycling facilities. 
Lake Washington Boulevard off-ramp

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