Thursday, September 1, 2016

Burglary At Saint Helens Café

Saint Helens Café, located on the Bryant side of NE 45th Street (3600 NE 45th Street), was broken into on August 30th. 

The restaurant's Facebook page says:
Community Warning

Early this morning our restaurants Saint Helens Cafe and Great State Burger in Laurelhurst were robbed. First and foremost, we wanted to let the community know to stay safe and extra aware of your surroundings!
We’ve notified the police but also want to post the video we have of the intruder. Any tips or leads you have are greatly appreciated.

Here is the video. 

The restaurant is owned by Chef Josh Henderson, founder of Skillet Street Foods and owner of Huxley Wallace Collective.  

Ron Sher owns the building, as well as the buildings directly to the North including the Laurelhurst Professional Center, which used to house Ciao Bella.   Ron also owns Third Place Books in Bryant and Lake Forest Park. 

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