Friday, August 5, 2016

UW Moving Forward With Homeless Camp

Tent City 3 file photo
Tent City 3 file photo
(courtesy of UW)

The Laurelhurst Community Club recently published an update about the UW homeless camps in their newsletter and the chosen location:
A campus parking lot west of Brooklyn Avenue on NE Pacific Street (W35) will be the site next winter of a tent city hosting about 100 homeless people.
The Seattle Times reported: “According to the region’s annual One Night Count, this year’s estimate of people without shelter showed a 19 percent increase over last year, at more than 4,500 people.  

In her message, UW president Ana Mari Cauce said concerns and trepidation about the encampment on campus are fair and expected. ‘I only ask that we approach hosting with open minds and take this opportunity to learn from the experiences of our neighbors,’ she said.” 
LCC will continue to monitor details.

The 100 person homeless tent camp, Tent City #3, was being considered in  one of six various parking lots around the UW campus, for winter quarter of 2017.

The camps is hosted by the UW Tent City Collective comprised of a group of students, alumni and Tent City 3 residents, who have specifically asked for the homeless camp and "have been working to make hosting a reality." 

One of the lots originally considered was E-1, located at the Center for Urban Horticulture Botanical Gardens, and across from residential homes on 36th Avenue NE, 37th Avenue and NE 41st Street and which connects to Wahkiakum Lane, a heavily used pedestrian trail. .
For more information go here. 


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