Friday, August 12, 2016

Reminder Of City Ordinance To Keep Hedges Pruned Away From Sidewalks

Photo from Neil Wright

Photo from Neil Wright

Photo from Neil Wright

all pictures taken walking south on
47th Avenue NE from Sand Point Way
towards Laurelhurst Park

The Laurelhurst Blog has received emails and pictures from neighbors documenting overgrown shrubs and other plantings that are partially covering and obstructing public sidewalks. 

Some comments received said:

I generally take walks on many different streets in the neighborhood and have concerns about the number of overgrown shrubs, which are City code violations.   It makes it difficult to stay on the sidewalk, in some cases, and poses a danger when walking with children and pets.
Could you ask neighbors to trim back their plants that encroach on the sidewalks in front of their homes? It is getting harder and harder to walk on the sidewalks as summer plants grow over the pavement, especially when walking with my dogs, or another person. It's impossible to walk side-by-side in too many places in the neighborhood. 
Recently I witnessed an elderly neighbor trip over plants and fall down on the sidewalk. There is no doubt that plants growing over the sidewalk caused her to trip.  
While walking at night, I was scratched across the face by a tree limb hanging over the sidewalk. Limbs are supposed to be trimmed back also to allow walking on sidewalks. 
Thanks for asking neighbors to be good neighbors and to take care of their sidewalks. 
Plants infringing on sidewalks is a City ordinance violation. Pictures can be uploaded to the City's "Find It Fix it" smartphone app. The City will then contact the advise property owner to clear the debris off the sidewalk or face a fine. 

The City of Seattle code states:

To protect the health and safety of the public, it is important to keep streets, alleys and sidewalks free of obstructions, litter, and other material.
Property owners must trim or remove overhanging trees, plants, shrubs, vegetation or debris which obstruct streets, alleys or sidewalks, or which are a fire hazard.  
Contact DPD at (206) 615-0808 or here.

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