Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Neighbors Report Teenage Driver In Silver Land Rover Driving At Very High Rate Of Speed And Recklessly Near Boulevard

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example of silver Land Rover L3 or L4

The Laurelhurst Blog has received more reports of unsafe drivers in the neighborhood:
We were at a block party on NE 41st Street and 44th Avenue NE on August 21st, and witnessed a silver Land Rover L3 or L4 driving so fast down the hill on NE 41st Street that it caught air and sparks flew.   
If this is you or your kid driving your car-please slow down before someone is seriously hurt or killed.  If anyone was crossing the street, they would have been killed.  
There was an email about this same car on NE Seattle Moms so seems like a repeat offender. Unfortunately the car was going too fast to get a plate. 
Please help spread the word so the driver can be identified before they kill someone.

Here is another neighbor's report on the same vehicle and driver a few days earlier:
I saw a teenager driving a silver Land Rover LR3 or LR4 recklessly just before 4pm on Wednesday, August 17. 

The car was heading west on NE 41st Street between 45th Avenue NE and 43rd Avenue NE.  
The driver was going too fast downhill and was swerving erratically.   
The driver was a Caucasian male, the car was filled with teenage boys, and I believe the front license plate was missing.

I was driving in the opposite direction. When I passed the Land Rover, I gave it as wide a berth as possible.

Another neighbor said about the same car:
It is ridiculously  irresponsible for people to be driving that fast down NE 41st Street. There were about 40 people between the ages of 0-90 at the block party.   
Everyone heard the Land Rover bottom out, saw the sparks, and were all appalled.  
This is a neighborhood, not a race track.. I'm posting this because if my son were driving this way I would want someone to tell me.

Here are other reports around the neighborhood:

We live on 47th Avenue NE, near Laurelhurst Elementary School, where there are often very fast drivers passing through to Sand Point way.   Please remind parents with young drivers to slow down. It's alarming to see how fast they are driving through the neighborhood. We are hoping that drivers, especially teen-age ones, are aware that they need to slow down in that area. Maybe we need stop signs one those corners. 
I was driving  north on 43rd Avenue NE  in early July around 3:30pm, and just had a near miss with a preteen blonde female who took a left turn out of NE 42nd Street right into the middle of the street in front of.  She didn’t even flinch and kept jogging in the street around me. She is lucky I was going slowly and wasn’t about 2ft. closer to her.  Parents please remind your children not to run into the street, especially coming off a side street- and drivers, stay alert!  Yes and also hopefully parents reminding kids to be smart about running in the streets!
Cars often run the stop sign at Surber and Mary Gates Way.  A good proportion of the people driving through that corner don’t actually stop, even though there is a stop sign. When I am biking through that intersection, I assume nobody sees me.

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