Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vandals Pour Paint On NE 45th Street Overpass

Photo from Neil Wright

On the early morning of July 1st, vandals poured blue and white paint on the NE 45th Street overpass, including the hand rails.

Neighbors wrote:
For your information, and probably nothing you can do about it, someone opened two pint cans of blue and white paint and poured it on the handrails and surface of the Laurelhurst School/Park overpass. When finished, they poured the rest of the paint on the street below and then tossed one of the empty cans on the street below and the other into the Laurelhurst School Playground. The paint was likely purchased from City People’s (EasyCare is their store brand), but contacting them to see if they remember selling the paint was not helpful. Anyway, there is a mess on the bridge and street below that will likely be there for some time to come. It would be nice if the culprits decided on their own that it was not a great idea and go clean things up.  It will probably take a pressure washer to do the job.
Defacing property public or private is so disappointing and wrong. Sad that no one saw them in the act. 
I drive that street every day I thought it was a bucket of paint that fell off of a truck. I had no idea it was all over the bridge too. Probably the same people that I saw throwing items in the street recently.  
Destruction of property is a crime and hopefully those who did it will be caught and prosecuted. Meanwhile neighbors will probably have to clean it up and cover expenses associated with removing it.

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