Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tennis Court Lights Turned Off Till June 27th

The  Laurelhurst Tennis Court Drainage Project is underway to improve drainage of the tennis court and bang board courts, to reduce flooding, and to reduce ongoing maintenance needs.

Katie BangCapital Projects Coordinator with Seattle Parks and Recreation, sent an update:

For safety reasons, we are turning off the tennis court lighting starting tonight as an electrical line was discovered today very close to the drainage installation. The lighting will be turned back on at the end of the project.  
The four 4 tennis courts will remain open through most of the construction and available for use. The bang board court to the north will need to be closed. The two courts to the south will be closed for a day or two when they are tying in the drainage.   
The contractor has begun earthwork and new pipe installation this week and will also be working this Saturday. We are still currently on schedule to be complete by June 27th We will post signs on the tennis courts.

Katy said the problem with the tennis courts came to the City's attention as there have been ongoing maintenance issues with tree roots continuously growing into the drainage lines which required cleaning several times a year.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Engineer Manager also had heard from the community about flooding issues near and around the tennis courts. 

The issue took so long to fix due to lack of funding. Seattle Parks and Recreation recently  passed the Seattle Parks District Levy that provided funding for major maintenance projects and works to diminish the maintenance backlog.  Katy said this project is one of the first projects from this funding source, which comes from the Seattle Parks District Fund funded by taxpayers in the City of Seattle. 

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