Monday, May 16, 2016

Tennis Court Drainage Work Begins Today, Courts Closed Till Around End Of June

The  Laurelhurst Tennis Court Drainage Project work begins today after a few weeks delay according to Katy,  Seattle Parks and Recreation Project coordinator.  
This project replaces the Laurelhurst drainage system installed in the early 1900s which has deteriorated in condition. The goal of the project is to improve drainage of the tennis court and bang board courts, to reduce flooding, and to reduce ongoing maintenance needs.
Katy said the problem with the tennis courts came to the City's attention as there have been ongoing maintenance issues with tree roots continuously growing into the drainage lines which required cleaning several times a year.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Engineer Manager also had heard from the community about flooding issues near and around the tennis courts.

The issue took so long to fix due to lack of funding. Seattle Parks and Recreation just passed the Seattle Parks District Levy that provided funding for major maintenance projects and works to diminish the maintenance backlog.  Katy said this project is one of the first projects from this funding source, which comes from the Seattle Parks District Fund funded by taxpayers in the City of Seattle. 
Katy said the project entails a combination of pipe lining and pipe replacement. Pipe lining is a technology that casts a new liner into old pipes to strengthen them. Pipe lining is being used in some areas to minimize impacts to trees and to the bang board court. The project should reduce both maintenance and flooding issues.

Katy added that the City of Seattle, Purchasing and Contracting Services Division (CPCS), executed the contract for PW#2016-042 with AGR Contracting, Inc. The process took a week longer than anticipated as the Contracting department requested additional information to verify the subcontractor’s pipe lining experience, including proof of insurance, payment and performance bond, and other required documents. The information has been received, reviewed and approved and Parks and Recreation issued Notice to Proceed for today.
The Engineer's estimate for the drainage system repairs is $93,875 and includes the following:
Removal and replacement of existing 6-inch storm drain lines and catch basin, installation of a new catch basin, installation of a cured in place pipe liner in two sections of existing clay and concrete pipe, removal and replacement of a concrete swale, and other concrete work to provide a surface overflow route from existing tennis court drain.  
Work also includes removal and reinstallation of existing chain link fence fabric and fence supports to facilitate drainage work, tree protection, construction sediment and erosion control, trench safety, temporary shoring of existing light poles, and temporary drainage diversions during construction.

Katy said the courts should re-open June 27th, given there are no construction delays moving through construction to completion.  

"Thank you to the City residents for your support in this much needed maintenance renovation," Katy added.
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