Friday, June 10, 2016

Planter Stolen in Laurelhurst Found At Windermere Home

Photo from Colleen Johns

The Laurelhurst Blog reported about a Tall Lemon Cyprus plant that was stolen off of a neighbor's  front walkway on the  4800 block of NE 42nd Street, between 48th Avenue NE and 50th Avenue NE some time between May 18 to May 19th. 

Several days later a resident in Windermere emailed the Laurelhurst Blog Staff, after having read the Laurelhurst Blog post, saying a similar planter turned up on their property. 

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff connected the two families to coordinate picking up the planter.

The resident sent an update to the Laurelhurst Blog:
Thank you to the Windermere family for not throwing our planter found at the front of their driveway.  
When we retrieved it, part of the base was broken off and the Cyprus was dead, despite what it might look like in the attached photo. 
Board teenage kids were probably the culprits and how sad that they felt it so cool to vandalize.   
Thank you to the Laurelhurst Blog for your attentiveness and connecting us to the family in Windermere. 

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