Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yet Another Planter Stolen And Other Stolen Planters Returned

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

We live on the 4800 block of NE 42nd Street, between 48th Avenue NE and 50th Avenue NE.   
We had a stone planter with Tall Lemon Cyprus plant stolen off our front walkway some time between Wednesday night, May 18 and Thursday morning, May 19th.  
I hope whomever took our planters will return them. I have no photo of the planter and plant but am including a photo of the empty whitened area where the planter stood for many years. 

I truly hope we get the planter and plant returned.   
I filled out a police report and contacted the NE Seattle police representative who deals with crimes in our area.

And some good news, two large, heavy planters that were stolen from a porch on the 3800 block of 42nd Avenue NE two weeks ago have been returned.  Here is the original Laurelhurst Blog post detailing the theft.

The owner just told the Laurelhurst Blog:
To the many kind and concerned neighbors who have reached out to us about the planter theft on May 19th, we would like to update you that the two stolen planters were returned during a very short (15 minute) period mid-morning on Thursday (5/26).   
The planters themselves, and what's left of the damaged plants in them, are much worse for the wear, but we're hoping to be able to rejuvenate what's left over time.   
We are frankly at a loss for an explanation, and don't know whether to feel better they were returned, or worse that it may have been the thief back at our house.   
We're working with a couple of neighbors who have provided some information to piece together the events, but if anyone else saw anything potentially unusual either last Thursday night or this morning, please contact


Chris said...

College students? Perhaps on a scavenger hunt or trying to decorate before/after drinking? It is getting close to the end of spring quarter, and weird things do happen in a vicinity of a university.

Not that I knew about any of that forty years ago. Oh, no. I was not the one driving the truck on the sidewalk on 17th Ave. NE (actually I was a very scared passenger).

Anonymous said...

A bird bath and a white rabbit lawn ornament were left in front of homes in Windermere/Belvedere Terrace. Anyone missing these?