Monday, May 16, 2016

Special UDistrict Upzone Meeting Tonight Which If Approved Could Potentially Change The Character Of The Business Area

Tonight from 7-8:30pm, there is a community forum regarding the University District Upzones

The information on the Seattle Displacement Coalition says:
The proposal is to upzone the U District to allow 320 foot towers. Hundreds of low cost housing units and small businesses and the unique character of the diverse community are threatened.  City Council is expected this summer to decide whether to upzone the U-District for 240′ to 320′ towers.  That’s as tall as University Plaza – nearly all of our community south of 47th, Freeway to the Avenue upzoned to these colossal densities. These areas are chocked full of low income and affordable 1,2, and 3 story apartments. All area north of 47th and along the Ave also would be substantially upzoned including quite possible single family areas west of Roosevelt.

Driven by developers & the U of W, they’re seeking to turn the entire community into a hi-tech hub. Adding upzones the U of W is seeking on campus & S of Campus Pkwy,  it’s enough for another 8-10 million square feet of office space, more than 8 downtown Columbia Towers & more than what’s planned for South Lake Union.  We’d rival downtown in character.  Our diverse mix of low cost housing affordable shops and businesses all would give way to steel and glass towers unless we stop it.  No area of  the U-District will be left untouched.  Nearly half the small businesses along the Ave will be affected.  The City identifies properties likely to be redeveloped containing over 500 low-cost apartments and dozens of existing small businesses - meaning DISPLACED.
City Councilmembers and/or their staff and city planners will be there to hear your concerns.

For more information on how to get involved, contact the Displacement Coalition at of the other sponsoring groups.  

Sponsors: Seattle Displacement Coalition, University District Community Council, Roosevelt Neighbor's Alliance, Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness, Laurelhurst Community Club, Seattle Fair Growth, and Livable U District. 

For more information, go here. 

The meeting is at the University Heights Center, Room 209.

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