Monday, November 16, 2015

Give Input On Plans For Magnuson On Thursday

Park Superintendent Jesus Aguirre is holding a public meeting to hear input on the City's plans for Magnuson Park on Thursday from 6:30-8pm in Building  30 (7448 63rd Avenue NE- use the west entrance)on the 2nd floor in the Officers' Club.

The information says:

In the last  few years hundreds of homeless families, many with children, have moved into housing within the Park. Currently there are 250 children living in the Park, with a projected addition of 200 more children when Mercy Housing units are ready by 2018. The residents, their children, and our entire neighborhood need an accessible and safe Community Center. 
Today there is far too limited access:

--the Center is open only 25 hours a week
--the Center is not open at all on weekends
--during the school week the only gym is leased till 6 pm to private schools, with no availability for other kids (essentially denying the entire neighborhood access.)
--Friday nights the Center is full of kids, often 50, with only two staff members to supervise. 

This is a dangerous situation that holds great liability for the City.
Hours and staff must be added to provide our entire neighborhood a safe and accessible facility.  
As it currently stands, the building does not have adequate space because it was never completed. The kids are often shoehorned into the lobby, the only available space.   
The Park District must expand the Center's hours, provide adequate staffing, programs and appropriate facilities to serve our entire community.

You can also email your input to Superintendent Aguirre at

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