Monday, October 19, 2015

Update On Webster Point Electrical Infrastructure Improvements

In March of this year, Seattle City Light began upgrading the capacity and reliability of the electrical system near Webster Point, which has affected 84 residences in that area, including approximately NE 33rd Street on the north, Webster Point Road NE on the south, East Laurelhurst Drive NE on the east and West Laurelhurst Drive NE on the west. 

The work will take about one year to complete installation of underground conduits, vaults, and equipment in order to replace outdated 4kV electrical equipment with updated 26kV infrastructure throughout Webster Point.

Mark Vanoss, with Seattle City Light, sent this update:

Dear Webster Point Customers,


Work is progressing on Seattle City Light's project
to improve the electrical capacity and reliability
in Webster Point. We hope the "Project Update"
section below helps explain the latest
information about the work.
See the project contact information at the
bottom of the email if you have further questions.
Thank you for your patience during this
infrastructure upgrade.

PROJECT UPDATE (10/13/2015)
In September, Seattle City Light's contractor
KC Equipment (KCE) completed duct bank
installation at the intersection of
NE 33rd Street and West Laurelhurst Drive
NE, along NE 33rd Street west to the
cul-de-sac, and up the alley to 43rd Avenue NE. 

Concrete was poured for the locations where
streets were crossed. Sidewalks, driveways, and ADA
ramps have been completed in this area. Landscaping
has also been restored.
See first photo below of the restored alley
between NE 33rd Street and 43rd Avenue NE. 
KCE has now mobilized its equipment and
resumed duct bank installation at Webster Point
Road NE and West Laurelhurst Drive NE.
As the second photo shows
excavation and conduit installation are
now in process at that location. KCE will be
working its way north along
West Laurelhurst Drive NE 

Seattle City Light plans to improve the capacity,
technology and reliability of the electrical system in
your neighborhood. The project involves installing
underground conduits, vaults, and equipment in
order to replace outdated 4kV electrical equipment
with updated 26kV infrastructure. 

  • Installing conduit and vaults will protect
  • the higher-capacity 26kV system, increasing
  • reliability.
  • The current 4kV cable is buried directly
  • in the ground. 
  • The new 26kV electrical system will have
  • more switching points, resulting in shorter
  • outages with fewer customers affected when
  • maintenance is required.  
  • City Light hired contractor, KC Equipment.
    See estimated timeline and project sequence below.              
  • Maintenance outages may be required. If required,
  • customers will be notified in advance.
  • Trenching will occur in the public right-of-way.
  • Affected landscaping, sod, driveway aprons, and
  • sidewalks will be restored to City standards.
  • Parking restrictions are necessary to
  • safely/efficiently.
  • Trenches will be covered and protected
  • at night.
  • Once conduit and vault installation are
  • complete,
  • the electrical cable will be pulled into
  • place at a later date.
  • At that time, maintenance outages
  • will be necessary.
  • Customers will receive advance
  • notification.
Construction Start: Early March 2015
Duration: The entire project is expected to last
approximately one year.
Schedule: Construction hours are planned for Mon-Fri
from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sequence: Construction started at the intersection of
NE 33rd Street and East Laurelhurst Drive NE and is
following the numbered sequence below. This could
change to accommodate construction modifications.

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Patty Breidenbach
Electrical Service Representative
*A PowerPoint is available on our website with more detailed information

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