Monday, October 5, 2015

Seattle Public School Meeting Tonight On Proposed New School Start And End Times

Seattle Public schools is holding a meeting tonight at 6:30-7:30pm at Jane Addams Middle School, regarding proposed new school bell times for 2016-17 school year . 

Most Elementary Schools would start at 8am, high schools at 8:50am and Middle schools at 9:40am.

Laurelhurst Elementary would start at 8am and end at 2:10pm.

Here is the agenda for tonight's meeting:
• Bell Time Resolution Analysis (20 minutes) – Timeline, History and Summary – Additional Considerations
• Superintendent’s Final Draft Recommendation – Questions and Answers (10 minutes)
• Large Group Feedback (30 minutes) – Written Comments – Oral Comments
• Ongoing Feedback/Next Steps 
• Individual Discussions

Maizun, Sand Point Elementary PTA Legislative Chair, wrote the Laurelhurst Blog staff that Sand Point Elementary is not included in the NE Elementary Schools cluster of an 8am start time, and has been pushed back to a 9:40am.

She wrote:
If you look at the new start times proposed in the Superintendent’s Final Draft Recommendation and the Community Meeting handout (see links below), all the NE Seattle elementary schools surrounding Sand Point Elementary (including Wedgwood, View Ridge, Bryant, Laurelhurst and Thornton Creek) are being assigned a new 8:00 am start time, while our school is being pushed back even later to 9:40 am! 
This was never even an option on the original bell times survey, and was not even something the bell times committee recommended but rather something the District decided at the last minute would replace the modified flip option.   
It seems curious that the elementary schools selected in our area for the extra late bell times all have similar population demographics, i.e. larger numbers of low income families than the other NE Seattle schools.  However, the District has not yet offered us any explanation, and it seems misinformed at best. 

To provide comments on the bell time changes, send email to

For more information go here. 

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