Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 Property Value Notices Mailed And How To Appeal

Last month, the King County Assessor's office mailed the 2015 property valuation notices for Area 46 – Sheridan Beach to Laurelhurst.

The information says:
The King County Assessor’s Office annually revalues all properties and conducts a physical inspection of each property once every six years.

The 2015 property values are set as of January 1, 2015, and assessed at the full market value based on sales of comparable properties in the same area.Residential properties increased 9% on average; however, individual property values may vary

Property owners have 60 days after the mailing date listed on the property valuation notice to file an appeal of their assessed value with the Board of Appeals/Equalization. The Board is an independent body, separate from the Assessor’s Office, and is comprised of King County residents like yourself.

The Assessor’s Office sets property valuations. It does not set taxes, and there is not a dollar-to-dollar correlation between your property value increase and future property taxes. King County taxpayers who need advice and assistance with property tax related matters, including appeals, should contact the King County Tax Advisor at 206-477-1060 or by email at taxadvisor@kingcounty.gov. 


LocalScape, a new interactive app launched by the Assessor’s Office, tracks area and individual property value changes online, along with a rich landscape of neighborhood data including census, education, permits, and sales

Residents can track property value changes specifically for Area 46 – Sheridan Beach to Laurelhurst residents here. Individual property value history is available by selecting the “My Property” tab.
Property owners can receive future valuation notices electronically via email using the six-digit EVN code printed on the front of the postcard. Owners can also scan a QR code from the card with a mobile device to pull up property information on eReal property.

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