Thursday, September 10, 2015

Laurelhurst Elementary School Teachers On Strike Again Today And How You Can Help


Laurelhurst Elementary School teachers
on strike yesterday

Yesterday about 25 Laurelhurst Elementary School teachers, instructional staff and several parents picketed for over 6 hours yesterday in front of the school.  Some teachers reported walking between 5-7 miles. There were a lot of honks from enthusiastic drivers passing by.
They will again be on strike today from 8:30am to 3pm. One teacher said that anyone is invited to walk with them.
Rich Wood, spokesman for the Washington Education Association, said issues still on the table included pay, teacher evaluations and the length of the school day.

The union has asked for an 18 percent raise over three years, in addition to a state-approved 3 percent cost-of-living increase. The district has offered an 8.2 percent raise in exchange for additional classroom time.

Phyllis Campano, the union's vice president, is encouraging parents to get involved.

The Laurelhurst Elementary School PTA posted on their website last night that "according to the SPS website, there is no school until further notice."
The PTA information continues: 
The Welcome Coffee Hour is still planned to occur on the rescheduled first day of school in the gymnasium after drop off.  But, the PTA General Meeting for Friday, 9/11 has been cancelled, and the Kindergarten Playdate for Saturday, 9/12 has been cancelled.  If school has not begun by Tuesday, 9/15, Curriculum Night will be cancelled. 
In the meantime, many families have asked what they can do.  We suggest bringing breakfast, brunch and/or lunch to the teachers and staff picketing in front of our school.  Elizabeth Fletcher has offered to organize meals.  Please contact her at to find out how you can help.
Notice posted on the PTA website September 9th said:
The Laurelhurst Elementary PTA supports the teachers and staff, but we are part of the Seattle Council PTSA, which does not advocate for disruptions to the education day.
The PTA also has posted ideas for childcare on the site. One Laurelhurst parent, Tiffany Jay, who owns the popular Squirrelly Art Studio + Gift Workshop nearby, is holding special art classes today and tomorrow saying: 
I've loved hearing about the way our community is supporting our teachers on the picket line.  We are hopeful for a good outcome for our fabulous educators!  
 And, while we are waiting, we at Squirrelly will try to keep adding fun art experiences to your summer calendar!
We have classes scheduled for both Thursday and Friday this week. Tomorrow, join Laura and Cecilia for acrylic and watercolor painting for a class called "Van Gogh's Starry Night." And Friday, go nuts with block printing called "Block Printing Bonanza" with Tiffany. 
We hope to  see you Space is limited, so visit and register soon!
Families with Laurelhurst Elementary School students can receive updates from the PTA about the strike and general school news by subscribing here.
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