Friday, July 31, 2015

Union Bay Bird Walk Tomorrow With Audubon Society

The Seattle Audubon Society is having a bird walk tomorrow from 7-11am at the Union Bay Natural Area, adjacent to the University of Washington main campus.

The information says:

All are welcome on this trip to an urban oasis, targeted to beginning/intermediate birders.  We will focus on using not only sight but also sound to locate and identify as many avian species as possible; usually more than 40 species.   
At this time of the year, the Fill offers a variety of breeding birds and cute fledglings including swallows and native sparrows, early migrants such as a shorebird or two, and often a nice surprise as well.  
Expect to walk up to 3 leisurely paced miles on level but muddy ground.  Bring binoculars and dress for the weather. Please note that facilities will likely not be available on-site, but you can first stop by the QFC at nearby University Village.  Scopes welcome if you’re willing to tote it (leader will have one). 
Leader: Evan Houston
Meet: Center for Urban Horticulture east parking lot by the Douglas building and greenhouse

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