Monday, May 4, 2015

Over The Water Trails Completed At Yesler Swamp


Construction on the new trail has been underway at Yesler Swamp, located in Laurelhurst,  bordered by NE 41st Street and Surber Drive. Another phase has recently been completed and more funds are still needed to complete the project.

Friends of Yesler Swamp recently posted an update on the construction. In 2012 the group was awarded $64,000 from the  Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to build the  trail, which is designed by SBA Landscape Architects. The neighborhood also matched that with $16,000 which has been going towards go toward preliminary engineering, environmental mitigation, and construction of Phase 1 of the trail. 
The group says on their website:

The permanent Trail will provide much better access to volunteers who will continue to remove invasive plants and install natives.   With a permanent, accessible Trail through Yesler Swamp, the community can explore this unique area any time of the year.  
From small children to seniors, those seeking a bit of the natural world in the midst of our hectic urban landscape can traverse a winding trail of discovery unlike any other in the Seattle area. 

Plans, permits and other details can be found on the Yesler Swamp Trail website.

Here is the group's latest post:

Over the Water Construction Finished!

The Washington Conservation Corp has been working in three phases from April 2014 till this last Thursday April 23rd, 2015 on boardwalk construction of the ADA compliant boardwalk of Yesler Swamp.  
This last phase allows viewing of the beaver lodge from the safe confines of this trail looking out over the lagoon where kayaks and canoes can still travel between the boardwalk and the beaver lodge in high water and ducks and fish can swim under the boardwalk in high water and we can look back at the Water + Trees = Swamp! 
Now we need to raise more money to get the Washington Conservation Corp to return to build an ADA accessible gravel based entrance and more grant money to build the remainder of the boardwalk loop so wheelchairs, walkers, leashed pets and kids will never have to turn around.

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