Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hospital Asks Neighbors To Report Children's Hospital Employees Parking In Neighborhood

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Employees of Children's Hospital are not allowed to park anywhere in the neighborhood, Jim Sawyer, Director of Security Services at the Hospital, told the Laurelhurst Blog.

And from emails the Laurelhurst Blog has received, seems there are many areas in the neighborhood  that employees are regularly parking in - corner of NE 45th Street and 45th Avenue NE, corner of NE 45th Street and 43rd Avenue NE, 41st Avenue NE, up and down NE 45th Street and several others.

Several residents on the Boulevard said trucks have to go up on the median to avoid Hospital employee cars parked on the corner of the Boulevard and NE 45th Street. Just recently the median was damaged extensively from a large truck trying to make the turn while going around a car parked on the corner.

One resident said that "vehicles can't make the turn due to cars parking on the corner, usually Children's Hospital employees, who then walk to work across the street."

Jim said " Staff and contractors cannot park on neighborhood streets. They are advised to park in assigned areas without exception."

He added:
Security actively tickets the streets and attempt to respond to all complaints within an hour. This is a priority for our patrol and enforcement team. We patrol and ticket the streets regardless of whether we receive calls or not. IF one of our neighbors calls we have and will give their concern priority response. It again is a priority for our team.
There are NO assigned  parking areas in the neighborhoods - ALL assigned areas are on hospital property or in one of our designated off site lots. 
I will note that we advise staff there is NO cut off street distance-all street parking is unauthorized. By cut off distance we mean-if an employee were to ask “If I park a mile and a half away and walk in-is that OK”? If-when we field these questions we answer NO-you need to park in your assigned area if you drive-there is no amnesty so to speak if you park a greater distance away. 
If an employee is a repeat offender it becomes a  serious performance issue which could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

To report illegal cars, Jim advised to contact Security at 
206-987-2030 (answered 24/7), or call Tom Cheshier, Enforcement Officer, at 206-987-2489.

Jim added that he has sent reminders to staff and are working on drafting another message to the employees.

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