Monday, March 9, 2015

Bus Temporarily Re-Routed In Webster Point To 38th Street Near Boulevard During Seattle City Light Work

Seattle City Light is currently upgrading the capacity and reliability of the electrical system near Webster Point, which will affect 84 residences in that area.

This means closed roads, large trucks in that area, road block signs, lots of workmen and detours.

It also means disrupted bus service as residents have noticed and emailed the Blog Staff about:

I was wondering if you had any information about the new bus route going down NE 38th Street at the end of 43rd Avenue NE (the Boulevard)? 
The bus stop on 47th Avenue NE at NE 38th Street was closed today when we walked by it, and a temporary stop was set up on NE 38th going down the hill. Is this semi-permanent, and was it caused by the work at Webster Point?
Mark Vanoss, a Seattle City Light Representative, told the Blog Staff before the work began that Bus route #25 would not be affected as the work would be adjacent to the route.
However Friday the Blog Staff inquired with him again and he said:
Yes the reroute of Metro # 25 is due to City Light’s upgrade work at the intersection of NE 33rd and East Laurelhurst Drive NE.
Prior to construction, it was projected that the route could be maintained and buses could travel over steel plates. A decision was made to reroute while construction was in the intersection. That work should be completed by the end of next week. The attached photo reflects the intent to restore the bus stop based on that schedule. 
We are sorry that we didn’t get word out about this change.
For more information about the underground electrical work go here.




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