Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Summer Camp Registration Started At Laurelhurst Community Center

Registration for summer camps at the Laurelhurst Community Center is underway.  Register online, in-person at the Community Center Monday through Friday 9-2pm or by calling 684-7529.

The Summer Camps Brochure lists all classes and programs at Laurelhurst, Magnuson and Ravenna-Eckstein Community Centers.

Here are a list of the camps:

Explore the arts and sciences with this week-long adventure designed to create, inspire, and foster your child’s passion and love for art and science! Each day will be filled with arts, crafts, projects, and even nature walks that will encourage students to see the world through creative
eyes all while fostering an inquisitive scientific mind. Instructor:
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/13-7/17 M-F 1-4 pm $150  #129032
8/3-8/7 M-F 9 am-Noon $150 #129033

Explore the world of wild animals (land and sea) in this week-long adventure of imagination, creativity, and outdoor play. We will learn how animals communicate, how they are all similar and different, and we will create projects, play games, and create art to foster your child’s “wild side.” Instructor:
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/13-7/17 M-F 9 am-Noon $150 #129034
8/3-8/7 M-F 1-4 pm $150  #129035

In this class kids will learn pinch-pot, coil, slab, wheel throwing, and glazing techniques. Each day we will introduce new projects, such as musical instruments, undersea creatures, bowls, plates,
and more. Bring your imagination and enjoy all the creativity clay has to offer.
Instructor: Liang-Yin Chen
Location: Laurelhurst CC
6/22-6/26 M-F 9 am-Noon $200  #129008
6/29-7/2 M-Th 9 am-Noon $160 #129009
7/6-7/10 M-F 9 am-Noon $200  #129010
7/13-7/17 M-F 9 am-Noon $200  #129011
7/20-7/24 M-F 9 am-Noon $200  #129012

Mandarin Experts is offering Chinese culture camp where campers will develop basic language skills, learn to do calligraphy, experience Chinese dancing & singing, play games, learn to make
dumplings, and so much more!
Location: Laurelhurst CC
8/10-8/14 M-F 10 am-2 pm $250  #129040

What a fantastic experience for a child! Sportball camps focus on eight core sports: hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and football. Camps also include arts & crafts, snack time, stories, music, co-operative games, and theme days. Camps are run outdoors, so please dress according to weather. Children must be potty trained.
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/6-7/10 M-F 9 am-Noon $165  #129941
8/17-8/21 M-F 9 am-Noon $165  #129942

Tennis Camp
This camp is good for new and experienced tennis players. We will cover all aspects of the game using fun drills, stroke mechanics, and agility. Tennis courts are outside so please dress according to
the weather and bring a water bottle and sunscreen.
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/6- 7/10 M-F 9-10:30 am $90  #129118
7/20- 7/24 M-F 9-10:30 am $90  #129120
8/3- 8/7 M-F 9-10:30 am $90  #129122
8/17- 8/21 M-F 9-10:30 am $90  #129124
7/6- 7/10 M-F 10:30 am-Noon $90  #129119
7/20- 7/24 M-F 10:30 am-Noon $90  #129121
8/3- 8/7 M-F 10:30 am-Noon $90  #129123
8/17- 8/21 M-F 10:30 am-Noon $90  #129125

Have fun in the sun with One on One this summer! Our highly experienced and caring instructors will teach the athletic fundamentals and individual/team strategies of some extremely fun outdoor sports! Whether your child is just trying the sport for the first time, or they are already playing on a
team, One on One makes three guarantees: We will learn, sweat, and have FUN! Please bring a water bottle and sun block.
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/13-7/17 M-F 9 am-Noon $125  #129023
7/27-7/31 M-F 9 am-Noon $125  #129024

Learn, Sweat, and Have Fun with One on One this summer! Join us for our Half-Day Hoops Camp at Laurelhurst Gym. We work on all the fundamentals throughout the week and we put these skills to practice in fun games, competitions, and scrimmages. All ability levels are welcome and everyone will be challenged by our experienced and super-fun staff! See you on the court!
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/27- 7/31 M-F 9 am-Noon $125  #129028
8/24- 8/28 M-F 9 am-Noon $125  #129029

This camp is meant for serious players with team experience.  These focused and fast-paced sessions are run very similar to high-school level practices. We will incorporate individual fundamentals, skill-work, efficient offensive moves (post/perimeter), shooting technique, team concepts (offensive/
defensive), and scrimmaging. If you are looking to take your game to the next level and you are hungry for basketball knowledge then come train with Coach Michie and his staff this summer!
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/13-7/17 M-F 9 am-Noon $125  #129025
8/10-8/14 M-F 9 am-Noon $125  #129027

Build and program robots in this introductory Robotics class using the LEGO® WeDo system. Learn basic programming skills, simple engineering concepts, and the names of robot components. Work in small groups to complete several projects using tilt and motion sensors. This is a great way to prepare young Robotics enthusiasts for our more advanced Robotics programs.
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/6-7/10 M-F 9 am-Noon $295  #129013
7/20-7/24 M-F 1-4 pm $295  #129014
8/3-8/7 M-F 9 am-Noon $295  #129015
8/17-8/21 M-F 1-4 pm $295  #129016

Build and program robots using the new LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 system! Learn about mechanical
and software design, loops, conditional statements, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Work in small groups, program and build your robot, and rise to the challenge. Control the robot to avoid obstacles, pick up and carry objects, and play sounds. Projects are structured so that students work in an openended, investigative environment while having fun.
Location: Laurelhurst CC
7/6-7/10 M-F 1-4 pm $295  #129017
7/20-7/24 M-F 9 am-Noon $295  #129018
8/3-8/7 M-F 1-4 pm $295  #129019
8/17-8/21 M-F 9 am-Noon $295  #129020

Discover the marvels of invisible forces as we use air pressure to blow up a marshmallow and then crush a can. Be awed by the wonders of physics as you race rubber band powered cars, build a rocket, and make your very own vortex generator. Magnetism… Gravity… Inertia… Not enough? Then try a hair raising experience with the Mad Science Van der Graaf generator!
Location: Laurelhurst CC
8/24-8/28 M-F 1-4 pm $200  #129039

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