Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shoreline Improvement Work Has Begun On 51st Avenue Street End Next To Laurelhurst Beach Club

Shoreline before

Project in progress photos:

Shoreline Street End improvement work at the 51st Street NE street end site, next to the Laurelhurst Beach Club, began this week. SDOT mailed out postcards (pictured above) to the area neighborhoods.

The work will focus on increasing views of Lake Washington and public access for community members with the following improvements:
  • Creating a level area with a bench
  • Removing overgrown vegetation to increase visibility
  • Enhancing access to the water with timber steps
  • Removing two parking spaces nearest the site to accommodate new bicycle racks and pedestrian access to the site
The Laurelhurst Blog Staff talked to the architect and Seattle Parks representative (pictured above) who said several neighbors have already given positive feedback saying that the improvements "opened up their views."
The Seattle Parks representative said that there will be several paths leading to the water, including an ADA trail, a picnic table, shrubs, burms and other design features making it user friendly.
SDOT says about the project and eight others that were selected as SDOT capital improvement projects to be completed by the end of 2015:


The Shoreline Street Ends Program works to preserve and improve public access to our waterways, with projects focused on Seattle’s 149 public streets that end on waterfronts.  
Street ends are selected for improvement based on a prioritization scheme that came out of a 2009 analysis that examined gaps in shoreline access, open space, and accessibility.  
A landscape architecture firm is designing all nine Shoreline Street End capital projects.

For  more information go here or contact the Laurelhurst Community Club.

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