Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Car Break-Ins Over Holidays

The Laurelhurst Blog received this email:

I live on the 4400 block of 54th Avenue NE and we had a home break-in/burglary over Christmas break and a couple of car break-ins on our street the same night.  
This is unsettling because we used to think the car "riflings" were committed by harmless teens, however, chances are good that the car riflings were committed by the home burglars.  
We had another car rifling/theft on January 4th on our street just north of  the intersection of 54th Avenue NE and NE 44th Street. The break-in was on the same block and on the same night as the two car prowls across the street.
Our block watch captain  said we have had 6-8 car prowls in the past 3-4 weeks.  
I think some cars were unlocked and some were not but am not sure. One family said they lock their cars each night but the cars did not look broken-into. Things were stolen out of most of the cars. 

Please remind everyone to be vigilant about reporting any suspicious activity in the neighborhood and to report all theft, no matter how long it takes. CALL 911 so we can up our number of calls, and thus, up our police coverage. We all would like to see the police patrol our streets more often.  
And remember to lock your cars each night. 
Thanks for all your efforts to keep us informed and thus, safer.


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Perambulations said...

My car was physically broken into for the second time in a month- Dec 23rd, and last night or this morning, Jan 8th-9th), in the UW Family Housing complex.