Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Car Prowl On The 4000 Block Of 45th Avenue NE And Some Items Turn Up In Ravenna Along WIth Stolen Items From Another Car Break-In

We received this information from a neighbor on the 4000 block of 45th Avenue NE:

We live on 45th Avenue NE just south of intersection with NE 41st Street and o
n the night of December 29-30, our overnight guest parked her car in our short driveway.  Because we had other visitors when she arrived, she didn’t unload everything from her car.   
The next afternoon she discovered several valuable items had been taken, including 2 Lenovo laptops; Swarovski binoculars: green cordura overnight bag with tan straps brown leather brief case; 2 computer hard drives and a photo card.  The total value of all these items is over $4,000.  There was no sign of forced entry although her car was locked overnight so the theft could have happened after she unlocked her car at 8am.
On December 30, a resident who lives on the 3400 block  47th Avenue NE and who works in the neighborhood found a plastic tote bag with the stolen business records from the brief case on their door step, and was able to contact us so that the paper records were recovered.  
In addition, three documents from another burglary the same night that happened on 42nd Avenue NE  just south of NE 39th were also in the tote bag.  On January 4, the brief case was found in Laurelhurst.  We called the people whose names were in the 3 other documents but didn't hear back from them so we are mailing those records to them. 
We filed a police report but the police spokeswoman said follow up is unlikely. And since our house guest lives out of town, reporting this theft has been complicated as the police suggested making an online report, which they did. Then when it was amended to add the loss of the binoculars, the report was kicked out of the system as the police require an in-person interview which she is trying to set up.


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